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Making the decision to pursue graduate studies is daunting and puzzling. While a quick Google search will provide you plenty of arguments for and against it, they’re often insufficient.

Writing is widely considered to be a therapeutic tool. Your mind is already revved up from so much worry, why not put it to better use and focus on something a lot more productive? Creating.

Completing research papers or long essays can be difficult for anyone. If you have ADHD or an anxiety disorder, it’s even more difficult.

People generally associate Japan with words such as convenience and relaxation. Images of fast and efficient public transport, vending machines and Buddhist temples often come to mind. That being said, for sufferers of anxiety disorders, Japan’s greatest offering is its bath culture. After living there for a year, I can say with certainty that Japanese bath culture helped treat my anxiety disorder.

Every student will face an episode of harsh criticism at least once in their college life. These events are unforgettable and they can leave lasting scars of insecurity.

For many people, writing can at times seem like an insurmountable task. The reality is that if your state of mind is not in the right place, your writing will suffer. Sadly, when you have an anxiety disorder, this becomes a constant problem, especially as a student. Many students complain about how hard it is for them to start writing no matter what strategies they use. Others eventually push through, but they feel that their writing is disjointed and unconvincing. Why is this?

Roaring Waves

Took these pictures in a cold San Francisco afternoon. It was a somber day full of beauty and roaring winds. I also took the opportunity to do an impromptu livestream of the scenery. I enjoyed reading the flurry of comments from people around the globe admiring the view and finding the sound of the waves relaxing.